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Authoritarian Learning and Authoritarian Resilience: Regime Responses to the ‘Arab Awakening’
The spread of protests throughout the Arab world can be viewed as the product of social learning by Arab citizens—a wave effect facilitated by the rapid diffusion of ideas, discourses, and practicesExpand
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Know thy enemy: Hizbullah, ‘terrorism’ and the politics of perception
The labelling career of the Lebanese armed group and political party Hizbullah is an interesting case with which to investigate the epistemological consequences of the politics of naming. HavingExpand
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‘Regional conflict formations’: Is the Middle East next?
Abstract As Iraq is plunging into civil war, politics and violence in the Middle East are increasingly perceived to be highly interconnected and entwined. This article offers an attempt to understandExpand
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Nobody Having too Much to Answer for: Laissez-Faire, Networks, and Postwar Reconstruction in Lebanon
Lebanon has long been considered a rare exception to the state dirigisme and plan economies prevailing in its neighboring countries and, indeed, the developing world at large. While other countriesExpand
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Popular Mobilization in Syria: Opportunity and Threat, and the Social Networks of the Early Risers
This paper explores the dynamics and underlying conditions of the first few months of the uprising in Syria, from mid-March 2011 until the summer of that year. Together with the contributions fromExpand
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Iraqi Refugees in Syria: causing a spillover of the Iraqi conflict?
Abstract This article explores the implications of the Iraqi refugee crisis for Syria, which is believed to host up to 1.5 million Iraqi refugees. Many policy makers, activists and analysts,Expand
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Collective Action and Mobilization in Dar'a: An Anatomy of the Onset of Syria's Popular Uprising
This article addresses how and why the popular mobilization in Syria took off in the "peripheral" Dar'a region. Accordingly, it focuses on the province's dense social networks involving clans, laborExpand
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Social Movement Theory and the Onset of the Popular Uprising in Syria
Abstract: This article takes stock of my attempt to scrutinize the onset of the Syrian uprising with the help of some key analytical concepts derived from social movement theory, includingExpand
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Authoritarian Learning and Counter-Revolution
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