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Effects of age and fasting on gluconeogenesis from glycerol in dogs.
In neonates fasting decreases gluconeogenesis from glycerol, especially in the youngest pups, and the four compartment model was formulated from tracer data to calculate the kinetics of the Glycerol:glucose system. Expand
The Influence of Aging and Growth on the Postnatal Development of Cardiac Muscle in Rats
The results suggest that the accelerated growth of the heart during the early postnatal period is associated with increased proliferation of myocytes, and that the differences in all morphometric data among the three groups of hearts may be explained entirely by different growth rates of the left ventricle. Expand
Transfer of carbon atoms among circulating glucose, alanine, and lactate in pancreatectomized dogs.
In the pancreatectomized dog, gluconeogenesis is increased not by an increased production of alanine and lactate but by a increased diversion of their carbon atoms to glucose at the expense of other pathways. Expand
Influences of anabolic androgens on cardiac growth and metabolism in the rat.
The heart is a target organ for several hormones including androgen, and the notion that hormone action needs to be investigated alone and in association with other endocrines is fortify. Expand
Constancy and linearity of the metabolic clearance of adrenocorticotropin in dogs.
The findings showed that the disappearance of ACTH from blood is not dose-dependent and varies significantly from dog to dog, and a technique for preserving the ACTH in small plasma samples was developed. Expand
Feedback suppression of ACTH secretion by cortisol in dogs: lags after large signals equal those following very small signals.
  • J. Cowan, R. Layberry
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology
  • 1 November 1983
Large, steep-sloped cortisol signals were used to try to evoke faster feedback in resting adrenalectomized dogs and raised plasma cortisol above physiological limits (within 2 and 6 min, respectively). Expand
Long-term endocrine responses to vasectomy in the adult rat.
Vasectomy led to decline in testis weight and endocrine function as witnessed by a marked depression of the levels of androstenedione and, in particular, of testosterone. Expand
Pressor inhibition of angiotensin-induced ACTH secretion.
The data suggest that when endogenous AII levels are elevated without a concurrent increase in blood pressure, as occurs during hypovolemia or sodium depletion, AII may have a significant influence on ACTH secretion. Expand
The determination of the specific activity of plasma glycerol.
When the specific activity of glycerol is determined from plasma without prior removal of anionic contaminants (untreated plasma), the calculated specific activity is 1.99 +/- 0.15 times higher than the one calculated after their removal. Expand