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Integrating Strategic, Organizational, and Human Resource Perspectives on Mergers and Acquisitions: a Case Study of Synergy Realization
Mergers and acquisitions are complex events in organizational life for which we have incomplete understanding, in part because researchers have tended to consider only partial explanations of them.Expand
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The Interorganizational Learning Dilemma: Collective Knowledge Development in Strategic Alliances
Alliances are volatile key components of many corporations' competitive strategies. They offer fast a nd flexible means of achieving market access, scale economies, and competence development.Expand
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Organization and Customer: Managing Design and Coordination of Services
Customer participation in the operations of service organizations can be a major source of input uncertainty. A framework for analyzing service organizations is presented in which differentExpand
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The seasoned executive's decision-making style.
Leaders make decisions every day of their lives, but how they do it changes dramatically over the course of their careers. At lower levels, the job is to get widgets out the door; action is at aExpand
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Trust dynamics in acquisitions: A case survey
Drawing on the organizational trust literature and research on postmerger integration, the authors develop a model that conceptually synthesizes the antecedents and consequences of trust inExpand
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The Handshake between Invisible and Visible Hands
There are different institutional forms for coordinating economic activity. These represent socially established means of ordering action. Whereas economic theory has largely focused on marketExpand
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The paper describes how the Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGI) currently proceeds in the evaluation of shear strength in cohesive soils. Information is given on how different test results andExpand
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Researching mergers and acquisitions with the case study method: idiographic understanding of longitudinal integration processes
The purpose with this paper is to highlight the comparative advantages of using case study research to contribute to the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) field and provide some recommendations how thisExpand
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Building motivational capital through career concept and culture fit
Purpose – The purpose of the present paper is to offer a career concept and culture framework for measuring and managing the alignment between people, strategy and culture and especially theExpand
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