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The Human Science of Communicology: A Phenomenology of Discourse in Foucault and Merleau-Ponty
Communicology is the study of human discourse in all of its forms, ranging from human gesture and speech to art and television. communicology also represents the dominant qualitative researchExpand
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Capta versus Data: Method and Evidence in Communicology.
Methodology is a basic concern with types of evidence, structures of analysis, and rules of judgment for validity. This article compares the research methods of phenomenology and positivism.Expand
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Speaking and semiology
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Semiotic Phenomenology of Rhetoric: Eidetic Practice in Henry Grattan's Discourse on Tolerance,
The first concrete presentation of phenomenological method in the philosophy of communication and the first systematic look at Henry Grattan, 18th-19th century Irish statesman. Individual chaptersExpand
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Enthymeme: The rhetorical species of Aristotle's syllogism
The historical controversy generated by logicians and rhetoricians over the definition of the “enthymeme” appears to derive from a confusion of causality and persuasion. The Aristotelian corpus andExpand
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