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Solid-state time-of-flight range camera
The concept of a real-time range camera without moving parts is described, based on the time-of-flight (TOF) principle. It operates with modulated visible and near-infrared radiation, which isExpand
Time-of-flight range imaging with a custom solid state image sensor
A complete range camera system, working with the time-of- flight principle, is introduced. This ranging system uses modulated LEDs as active illumination source and a new lock-in CCD sensor asExpand
Laser communication terminals for the European Data Relay System
For the first time, laser communication terminals will be operational in a commercial service, EDRS, the European Data Relay System, and adapted to the larger link distance of the LEO-to-GEO link the laser communication Terminals will be applied in the GEO relay EDRS. Expand
5.6 Gbps optical intersatellite communication link
A 5.6 Gbps optical communication link has been verified in-orbit. The intersatellite link uses homodyne BPSK (binary phase shift keying) and allows to transmit data with a duplex data rate of 5.6Expand
Demodulation pixels in CCD and CMOS technologies for time-of-flight ranging
A new generation of smart pixels, so-called demodulation or lock-in pixels is introduced in this paper. These devices are capable of measuring phase, amplitude and offset of modulated light up toExpand
Homodyne BPSK-based optical inter-satellite communication links
Summer 2007, Tesat will verify laser communication terminals based on homodyne BPSK (binary phase shift keying) in-orbit, as part of a data relais from the German LEO satellite TanDEM-X via a Geo satellite to ground. Expand