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Guidelines toward more uniformity in measuring and reporting calf experimental data.
Abstract Standardized procedures for measuring and reporting calf performance data are presented. The North Central Regional Research Committee on Improving Large Dairy Herd Management (NC-119)Expand
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Responses by lactating cows in commercial dairy herds to recombinant bovine somatotropin.
Cows (890) in 15 US herds were assigned randomly in equal numbers to control or bST injections (500 mg in a prolonged-release form every 14 d for 12 wk) within three stages of lactation (57 to 100,Expand
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Evaluation of sometribove in a prolonged-release system in lactating dairy cows--production responses.
Primiparous (n = 105) and multiparous (n = 136) Holstein cows were used to evaluate efficacy of sometribove (n-methionyl bovine somatotropin, bST) in a dose titration study. Cows were fed TMR for adExpand
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Effects of Forced Exercise on Two-Year-Old Holstein Heifers
Abstract Two trials with 88 two-year-old Holstein heifers measured effects of prepartum exercise on mammary edema, parturition, reproduction, consumption of feed, production and composition of milk,Expand
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Blood and milk protein polymorphisms in relation to feed efficiency and production traits of dairy cattle.
Abstract The relationship was studied between 14 biochemical polymorphisms, including 9 blood antigens, serum transferrin, and 4 milk protein systems, and 8 quantitative traits consisting of measuresExpand
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Effect of Prepartum Exercise on Feed Intake and Milk Production of Multiparous Cows
Abstract This study was to determine whether forced exercise of multiparous cows during the last 7 wk of gestation would increase feed intake and milk production after parturition. Cows were housedExpand
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Total Alkaloid Determinations in Larkspur and Lupine with near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy1
Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) is used for quality component determinations in forages and grains. However, the use of NIRS to determine antiquality factors in forages has not beenExpand
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Feeding Liquid Whey to Dairy Cattle
Abstract Liquid whey was fed to dairy cows and heifers to determine its nutritive value. Sixteen cows were allotted to groups of four each and randomly assigned to a treatment (1) water only, (2)wheyExpand
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