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CYP18A1, a key enzyme of Drosophila steroid hormone inactivation, is essential for metamorphosis.
It is demonstrated that Drosophila melanogaster Cyp18a1 encodes a cytochrome P450 enzyme (CYP) with 26-hydroxylase activity, a prominent step in ecdysteroid catabolism, and that CYP18A1 is a key enzyme in this process. Expand
Steroids in aquatic invertebrates
This research takes profit of the development of genome sequencing programs on many invertebrate species, which allow the identification of receptors and/or biosynthetic enzymes, when related to their vertebrate counterparts, but the story is not so simple, as will be exemplified by estrogen receptors of molluscs. Expand
Practical uses for ecdysteroids in mammals including humans: an update
These systems, which are currently mainly used in vitro with cultured cells in order to analyse the role of a wide array of genes, but which are expected to represent the basis for future gene therapy strategies are reviewed. Expand
Lead phytotoxicity on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) seed germination and seedlings growth.
The present results provide a model system to screen for natural compounds able to counteract the deleterious effects of lead, and Antioxidant enzymes activities were generally significantly increased in the presence of lead in a dose-dependent manner. Expand
Ecdysteroid Chemistry and Biochemistry
Publisher Summary This chapter focuses on the techniques used for ecdysteroid analysis and the biosynthesis and metabolism of these hormones. Ecdysteroids could be defined either by their biologicalExpand
Effects and applications of arthropod steroid hormones (ecdysteroids) in mammals.
Findings on the occurrence, metabolism and pharmacological effects of ecdysteroids in mammalian systems are summarized and their potential applications are drawn attention, particularly in gene-switch technology, where Ecdysteroid analogues can be used as effective and potent elicitors. Expand
Effect of lead stress on mineral content and growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum) and spinach (Spinacia oleracea) seedlings.
To investigate lead effects on nutrient uptake and metabolism, two plant species, spinach and wheat, were grown under hydroponic conditions and stressed with lead nitrate, Pb(NO3)2, at three concentrations (1.5, 3, and 15 mM). Expand
Ecdysteroids from Chenopodium quinoa Willd., an ancient Andean crop of high nutritional value
Most of the 20-hydroxyecdysone is recovered undegraded within the seeds even after 20 min boiling, and is thus susceptible to evoke significant (beneficial) pharmacological effects on humans who eat quinoa regularly. Expand
Quinoa Extract Enriched in 20‐Hydroxyecdysone Protects Mice From Diet‐Induced Obesity and Modulates Adipokines Expression
This study indicates that quinoa extract enriched in 20E supplementation has an antiobesity activity in vivo and could be used as a nutritional supplement for the prevention and treatment of obesity and obesity‐associated disorders. Expand