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Who follows whom? Shoaling preferences and social learning of foraging information in guppies
Preferences of fish for different types of shoals may influence the transmission of novel information through them. We investigated the factors influencing the preferences of guppies, PoeciliaExpand
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Accuracy of song syntax learning and singing consistency signal early condition in zebra finches
Birdsong is a sexually selected and culturally transmitted multidimensional signal. Sexually selected traits are generally assumed to indicate condition. In oscine songbirds, song is learned early inExpand
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Abstract Many models have investigated how the process of speciation may occur in sympatry. In these models, individuals are either asexual or mate choice is determined by very simple rules. Females,Expand
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Social learning of food types in zebra finches (Taenopygia guttata) is directed by demonstrator sex and feeding activity
In this study we examined how social learning of feeding preferences by zebra finches was affected by the identity of different demonstrators. We presented adult zebra finches with two demonstrators,Expand
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Abstract The songs of many birds are unusual in that they serve a role in identifying conspecific mates, yet they are also culturally transmitted. Noting the apparently high rate of diversity in oneExpand
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Tales from the crypt: genome mining from fungarium specimens improves resolution of the mushroom tree of life
The enormity of the breadth and depth of specimens held within the world's biological collections offers unparalleled opportunities to capture genomic data from across the entire range of knownExpand
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Are there species-universal categories in bird song phonology and syntax? A comparative study of chaffinches (Fringilla coelebs), zebra finches (Taenopygia guttata), and swamp sparrows (Melospiza
Previous studies of learned bird song have suggested the existence of species-universal patterns in song organization: clear clusters in produced songs that do not vary within a species. Here theExpand
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The evolution of conformity-enforcing behaviour in cultural communication systems
Conformity is an important aspect of many communication systems in which signals are culturally transmitted. We suggest that one reason for it to evolve is if nonconforming individuals areExpand
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Song learning by chaffinches: how accurate, and from where?
Abstract Geographical variation in song is a common feature of populations of territorial songbirds. However, the factors responsible for the levels and patterns of variation have not been examinedExpand
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Social learning directs feeding preferences in the zebra finch, Taeniopygia guttata
Abstract We tested sexually mature zebra finches to see whether social learning influenced their feeding preferences, in particular whether they followed the preference of a male or a femaleExpand
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