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[The concept of open stable population: an application to the study of changes in population structure].
The model is used to study the impact of demographic phenomena on the population's structure by age and place of birth, and a fertility increase has more impact on the rejuvenation of the age structure than an immigration increase. Expand
Language Maintenance and Language Shift in Canada.
As in the US the traditional European sources of immigrants in Canada have given way to more newcomers from Caribbean and Asian countries adding to the ethnic diversity of the nation. For many ofExpand
[An extension of the notion of the stationary population: low fertility and compensating immigration].
The author attempts to summarize recent studies concerning the concept of population replacement, particularly focusing on the role of immigration in the situation of below-replacement-levelExpand
[Linguistic composition: reality and perception].
"This paper tries to show how, on the basis of quite acceptable assumptions, it is possible to estimate with existing data on language use in Canada, the perception individuals have of linguisticExpand
Mouvements et composition de la population
Science des populations humaines sous leurs aspects quantitatifs, la demographie ne se sent a l'aise qu'avec les grands nombres. C'est pourquoi la majeure partie des etudes demographiques portent surExpand
[Analysis of language mobility: indexes, observations, and models].
  • R. Lachapelle
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Cahiers quebecois de demographie
  • 1 October 1984
The geographic focus is on Quebec and Canada and the method relies on the theory of stationary Markov chains for the transformation of language mobility rates into an equilibrium composition. Expand
The demo-linguistic situation in Canada: past and prospective development
The authors present a study of the demography of linguistic groups in Canada focusing on the two major groups the English- and French-speaking populations. In Part 1 they describe the historicalExpand