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Rhodium-catalyzed intermolecular chelation controlled alkene and alkyne hydroacylation: synthetic scope of beta-S-substituted aldehyde substrates.
The use of beta-S-substituted aldehydes in rhodium-catalyzed intermolecular hydroacylation reactions is reported. Aldehydes substituted with either sulfide or thioacetal groups undergo efficientExpand
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Catalytic enantioselective total synthesis of hodgkinsine B.
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Chelation-controlled intermolecular alkene and alkyne hydroacylation: the utility of beta-thioacetal aldehydes.
[reaction: see text]. Beta-thioacetal-substituted aldehydes, which are conveniently prepared from the corresponding ynals, can be combined with a range of alkynes or electron-poor alkenes to deliverExpand
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End-result Measurements of the Quality of Obstetrical Care in Two U. S. Air Force Hospitals
THIS IS A REPORT of a comparative study of the quality of obstetrical care in two different medical institutions, in this case hospitals. Because the hospitals are operated by one of the ArmedExpand
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Catalytic enantioselective desymmetrisation as a tool for the synthesis of hodgkinsine and hodgkinsine B.
Two palladium-catalysed amination protocols are deployed in the desymmetrisation of the complex dimeric alkaloid meso-chimonanthine. The power of these transformations is showcased in an efficientExpand
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Rhodium-catalyzed reductive aldol reactions using aldehydes as the stoichiometric reductants.
Chelated acyl rhodium hydrides, generated from the addition of [Rh(dppe)]ClO4 to beta-sulfide-substituted aldehydes, can function as the stoichiometric reductants in reductive aldol processes.Expand
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Scalar coupling between the 15N centres in methylated 1,8-diaminonaphthalenes and 1,6-diazacyclodecane: to what extent is 2HJNN a reliable indicator of N-N distance?
The scalar couplings between hydrogen bonded nitrogen centres ((2H)J(NN)) in the free-base and protonated forms of the complete series of [(15)N(2)]-N-methylated 1,8-diamino naphthalenes in [D(7)]DMFExpand
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Entropy-driven hydrogen bonding: stereodynamics of a protonated, N,N-chiral "proton sponge".
The C2-symmetric ("[DL]") and achiral ("[meso]") diastereoisomers of the hydrogen iodide salt of 1,8-bis-(N-benzyl-N-methylamino)naphthalene ([2H]-[I] ) interconvert in solution. DirectExpand
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Tandem palladium-catalyzed urea arylation-intramolecular ester amidation: regioselective synthesis of 3-alkylated 2,4-quinazolinediones.
o-Halo benzoates can be combined with monoalkyl ureas in a tandem palladium-catalyzed arylation-ester amidation sequence to deliver quinazolinedione products. The reactions are regioselective forExpand
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