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Fisheries ecology of floodplain rivers
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Inland capture fisheries
The reported annual yield from inland capture fisheries in 2008 was over 10 million tonnes, although real catches are probably considerably higher than this. Inland fisheries are extremely complex,Expand
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Inland fisheries : ecology and management
Fish from inland waters provide a major source of animal protein, particularly in areas far removed from the sea. The current high demand for fish, and the increased awareness of the role of theExpand
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The fisheries ecology of African floodplains
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The Impacts of Introductions and Stocking of Exotic Species in the Mekong Basin and Policies for Their Control
The opinions and interpretations expressed within are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Mekong River Commission Acknowledgements This study was commissioned by theExpand
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An evaluation of tropical brush and vegetation park fisheries
Brush and vegetation parks are common features of many tropical river fisheries. Areas of branches of certain tree and bush species combined with floating vegetation are placed in shallow, shelteredExpand
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An evaluation of the acadja method of fishing as practised in the coastal lagoons of Dahomey (West Africa)
A method of fishing using installations of the fish-park type, known collectively as acadjas, is common in the coastal lagoons of Dahomey. Acadjas are installed in shallow sheltered waters and areExpand
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The Inland Fisheries of Africa
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The Conservation and Environmental Management of Fisheries in Inland and Coastal Waters
Fish communities of inland and coastal waters react to fishing pressure and environmental stresses by the disappearance of larger individuals and species and an increasing dominance of smallerExpand
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