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Women's "Token Resistant" and Compliant Sexual Behaviors are Related to Uncertain Sexual Intentions and Rape
Muehienhard and Hollabaugh reported that 39% of college women engaged in "token resistance" (said "no" but wanted to have sex). Many of these women's reasons for their behavior explained a sexualExpand
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Bystander response to an assault: When a man attacks a woman.
From newspaper accounts it appears that when women were attacked and bystanders did not intervene, frequently the bystanders justified their inactivity by stating that they thought it was a "lovers'Expand
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Can Men and Women Differentiate Between Friendly and Sexually Interested Behavior
Research indicates that males perceive people to be more interested in sex than do women and are less able than women to differentiate among liking, love, and sexual involvement. Does this mean, asExpand
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Timing of first sexual intercourse in a relationship: Expectations, experiences, and perceptions of others
We investigated 242 college students’ expectations about when sexual intercourse would first occur within different types of relationships. Participants reported their personal expectations,Expand
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Just because she doesn't want to doesn't mean it's rape: an experimentally based causal model of the perception of rape in a dating situation.
The purpose of the present research is to investigate variables involved in deciding that rape has occurred and to test a model of the decision process of rape attribution in a dating situation. MaleExpand
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Personal Control and Inmate Adjustment to Prison
Although this concept has rarely been investigated systematically, the prison is an environment that severely limits inmates’personal control. This article applies theoretical and empirical advancesExpand
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Sexual Precedence Reduces the Perceived Legitimacy of Sexual Refusal: An Examination of Attributions Concerning Date Rape and Consensual Sex
A hypothesis derived from marital rape laws suggests that women are perceived as obligated to have sex by precedence. Subjects who read a rape scenario were more likely to perceive that the resistingExpand
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Emergency and cost as determinants of helping behavior and the slow accumulation of social psychological knowledge.
Two variables that should be of primary importance to a bystander deciding whether or not to help are: (I) the need of the victim and (2) the cost to the, bystander. A review of the literatureExpand
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The Role of Bystanders in Crime Control
The purpose of this paper is to illustrate and explain the role bystanders play in crime control. We describe the range of bystanders' reactions to crime including nonintervention, indirectExpand
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Emergencies: what are they and do they influence bystanders to intervene?
Social psychological research on helping has, in part, been concerned with the intervention of bystanders into emergencies. Pertinent empirical literature does not seem to be available on whatExpand
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