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Misremembering colostomies? Former patients give lower utility ratings than do current patients.
Community members often evaluate health conditions more negatively than do the patients who have them. The authors investigated whether experience with a health condition reduces this discrepancy byExpand
Sensitivity to disgust, stigma, and adjustment to life with a colostomy.
We examined whether trait disgust sensitivity predicts well-being in colostomy patients, and whether disgust predicts stigmatizing attitudes about colostomy in non-patients. 195 patients with aExpand
Approximate Implementations of Pure Random Search in the Presence of Noise
We introduce and exploit an improving bias condition on noise-affected pure random search algorithms for global optimisation under the influence of observational noise. Expand
A new development in pig growth modelling
Pig growth simulation models are used to determine feeding strategies that improve profitability on commercial farms. For a given farm, the number of diets fed, their energy, amino acid content, theExpand
Use of decision science to aid selection of genetically superior animals : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Science at
This thesis is concerned with a theoretical simulation model for pig breeding, as part of the ongoing search for the “perfect” genotype. The starting point is an additive model to investigate howExpand