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DDT Residues in sediments from the Bay of Bengal
  • A. Sarkar, R. Sen Gupta
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Bulletin of environmental contamination and…
  • 1 October 1988
The large scale use o s persistent organochlorine pesticides in developing coun tries bas caused serious concern due to the presence of their residuea in the environment. Organochlorine compounds areExpand
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Studies on the plankton of the east coast of India
The results of studies extending for nearly three years on the fluctuation of the plankton crop and factors responsible for production are reported. The peak production occurs during the south-westExpand
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Inorganic Nitrogen Compounds in Ocean Stagnation and Nutrient Resupply
The interrelations and time-dependence of nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia in a deep basin of the Baltic Sea yield a measurement of stagnation history and may provide a means of prediction of resupplyExpand
Nebelkammer-Untersuchungen der Erzeugung durchdringender Schauer in Aluminium und Blei
ZusammenfassungEs wurden Untersuchungen über die Größe: Häufigkeitsbeziehung (size-frequency distribution) örtlich erzeugter, durchdringender Schauer in Seehöhe unter Aluminium und Blei ausgeführt.Expand
Scattering of μ-mesons
SummaryThe scattering of μ-mesons is investigated by means of a rectangular cloud chamber with copper and lead plates placed alternately inside the chamber. μ-mesons after traversing thick layers ofExpand
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X-ray diffraction studies of phenyl thiohydantoins of amino acids.
On knock-on electrons of cosmic-ray muons in condensed matter (at 12° N)
The dependence of knock-on electron probability on the momenta of muons producing the knock-on electrons in condensed matter has been investigated by using a counter controlled cloud chamber. AExpand
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