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The Quaternary deep-sea protobranch fauna from the Mediterranean: composition, depth-related distribution and changes
The Recent bathyal protobranch fauna from the Mediterranean includes 14 species of nuculoids, but not more than 10 species are common and form recurring associations. From 150-200 m to 500-600 m, theExpand
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A gigantic deep-sea Nucinellidae from the tropical West Pacific (Bivalvia: Protobranchia)
Nucinella boucheti n. sp. is described from a 1610–1580 m deep station in the Philippines (Musorstom 2 Expedition). Nucinellids are typically small, mostly not exceeding 5 mm, but the present speciesExpand
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The identity of Yoldia micrometrica Seguenza, 1877 and three new deep-sea protobranchs from the Mediterranean (Bivalvia)
Three new species are described from the relatively well-known deep Mediterranean protobranch fauna. Yoldiella wareni n. sp. is a miniaturized species so far misidentified as Yoldiella micrometricaExpand
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