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Evaluation of fully 3-D emission mammotomography with a compact cadmium zinc telluride detector
A compact, dedicated cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) gamma camera coupled with a fully three-dimensional (3-D) acquisition system may serve as a secondary diagnostic tool for volumetric molecularExpand
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Flight demonstration of a 3-D auditory display
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Simultaneous resistance to two or more broad-spectrum anthelmintics by gastrointestinal nematode parasites of sheep and goats.
The detection, by means of faecal egg count reduction tests and larval cultures, of two cases of multiple anthelmintic resistance in goats and two in sheep, is reported. The former cases appeared toExpand
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Experimental spectral measurements of heavy K-edge filtered beams for x-ray computed mammotomography.
A dual modality computed mammotomography (CmT) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) system for dedicated 3D breast imaging is in development. Using heavy K-edge filtration, the CmTExpand
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Design and development of a fully 3D dedicated x-ray computed mammotomography system
Our effort to implement a volumetric x-ray computed mammotomography (CmT) system dedicated to imaging breast disease comprises: demonstrated development of a quasi-monochromatic x-ray beam providingExpand
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Performance of dedicated emission mammotomography for various breast shapes and sizes.
We evaluate the effect of breast shape and size and lesion location on a dedicated emission mammotomography system developed in our lab. The hemispherical positioning gantry allows ample flexibilityExpand
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Investigation of cone-beam acquisitions implemented using a novel dedicated mammotomography system with unique arbitrary orbit capability (Honorable Mention Poster Award)
We investigate cone-beam acquisitions implemented on a novel dedicated cone-beam transmission computed mammotomography (CmT) system with unique arbitrary orbit capability for pendant, uncompressedExpand
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Preliminary investigation of dose for a dedicated mammotomography system
We use a previously reported, optimized quasi-monochromatic beam technique together with unique complex acquisition trajectories made possible with a novel, dedicated cone-beam transmission computedExpand
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Investigation of emission contamination in the transmission image of a dual modality computed mammotomography system
A dual modality SPECT/CT computed mammotomography (CmT) system for dedicated functional/structural breast imaging is under development. In simultaneous, dual-modality imaging, contamination of theExpand
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Spatial audio displays for speech communication. a comparison of free-field and virtual sources
The apparatus of this invention is designed to be generally operated from either a towed or self-propelled underwater vehicle. A nearly collimated beam of light from a rotating cylinder traces aExpand
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