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Aphelion clustering of "new" comets: Star tracks through Oort's cloud.
An explanation is proposed for the observed and often discussed clustering of long-period comet aphelia on the sky. Poisson and several multinomial distributions are applied to the most conspicuousExpand
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Terrestrial and extraterrestrial plasmas
The distribution of the aphelion directions of long-period comets
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Heisenberg and the Scientist’s Responsibility
On a day in early March 1949 I rung the bell at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in the Bottingerstrasse in Gottingen. Two days previously I had passed my diploma exam in theoretical physics atExpand
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Cosmic ray secondary nuclei and the structure of the galaxy
The consequencies of diffusive acceleration of cosmic rays in supernova shocks propagation through an inhomogeneous interstellar medium are explored. The acceleration takes place in the hot, tenuous,Expand
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European cooperation in space
Why should we observe Halley's Comet?