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Remote sensing estimates of glacier mass balances in the Himachal Pradesh (Western Himalaya, India)
Abstract Although they correspond to an important fraction of the total area of mountain glaciers (33,000 km2 out of 546,000 km2), Himalayan glaciers and their mass balance are poorly sampled. ForExpand
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Four years of mass balance on Chhota Shigri Glacier, Himachal Pradesh, India, a new benchmark glacier in the western Himalaya
Little is known about the Himalayan glaciers, although they are of particular interest in terms of future water supply, regional climate change and sea-level rise. In 2002, a long-term monitoringExpand
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Reductions in India's crop yield due to ozone
This bottom-up modeling study, supported by emission inventories and crop production, simulates ozone on local to regional scales. It quantifies, for the first time, potential impact of ozone onExpand
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Temporal Assessment of Growing Stock, Biomass and Carbon Stock of Indian Forests
The dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems depends on interactions between carbon, nutrient and hydrological cycles. Terrestrial ecosystems retain carbon in live biomass (aboveground and belowground),Expand
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Premature mortality in India due to PM2.5 and ozone exposure
This bottom-up modeling study, supported by new population census 2011 data, simulates ozone (O3) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) exposure on local to regional scales. It quantifies, present-dayExpand
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Evaluation of Bacillus subtilis as a probiotic to Indian major carp Labeo rohita (Ham.)
Bacillus subtilis, a Gram-positive, aerobic, endosporeforming bacterium, was evaluated for its probiotic potential in Indian major carp, Labeo rohita. Labeo rohita (15 � 2 g) were fed a feedExpand
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What controls the seasonal cycle of black carbon aerosols in India
The seasonal variability of black carbon (BC) aerosols in India is studied using high resolution (10 km) BC simulations conducted using the Weather Research and Forecasting Model coupled withExpand
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Studies on yield and quality traits in tomato (Solanum lycopersicon (Mill.) Wettsd.)
Studies were conducted among the 8 newly developed hybrids on yield and quality parameters. Among the quality parameters. Maximum lycopene content was found in the cross L4 x T1 (5.83). Ascorbic acidExpand
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Antioxidant activity of Cheddar cheeses at different stages of ripening.
The aim of the study was to evaluate the changes in the antioxidant properties of Cheddar cheese at different stages of ripening using different assays: 2, 2′-azinobis (3 ethylExpand
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Greenhouse gas inventory estimates for India
This article reports the greenhouse gas emissions of anthropogenic origin by sources and removals by sinks of India for 2007 prepared under the aegis of the Indian Network for Climate ChangeExpand
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