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Invitro Antibacterial Activity Of Lactobacillus Plantarum Isolated From Soy Milk
The aim of this study was to determine the Lactobacillus plantarum isolated from soy milk, the antimicrobial activity of the bacteriocin produced by the isolate against the pathogenic bacteria andExpand
Injectable bionanocomposite hybrid scaffolds with responsive control for enhanced osteochondral tissue regeneration
Restoration of articular hyaline cartilage within osteochondral tissue defects has been a principal target in the field of tissue engineering due to poor functional regeneration of this avascular andExpand
Comparison of efficacy of cold trypsinization versus warm trypsinization in preparation of autologous non‐cultured epidermal cell suspension for treatment of stable vitiligo
Surgical modalities are the mainstay of treatment for medically resistant vitiligo. Among various techniques, non-cultured epidermal cell suspension (NCES) has proven to be an effective and mostExpand
WE-G-BRE-08: Radiosensitization by Olaparib Eluting Nanospheres.
PURPOSE Permanent prostate brachytherapy often uses inert bio-absorbable spacers to achieve the desired geometric distribution of sources within the prostate. Transforming these spacers intoExpand
SU-G-TeP3-05: In Vitro Demonstration of Endothelial Dose Enhancement Due to Gold Nanoparticles During Low-Voltage Radiotherapy.
PURPOSE Oraya Therapy uses low-voltage, stereotactic, highly targeted X-rays for the treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) - offering a new option for patients worldwide.Expand
WE-FG-BRA-02: Docetaxel Eluting Brachytherapy Spacers for Local Chemo-Radiation Therapy in Prostate Cancer.
PURPOSE We propose an innovative combinatorial treatment strategy of Local ChemoRadiation Therapy (LCRT) using a sustained drug delivery platform in the form of a spacer to locally radio-sensitizeExpand