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Identification of a spectrin-like protein in nonerythroid cells.
We have demonstrated the existence of a spectrin-like protein in a variety of nonerythroid cultured cells. Indirect immunofluorescence studies with monospecific antispectrin IgG indicated theExpand
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Cardiac mutant salamanders: evidence for heart induction.
Homozygosity for gene c in Ambystoma mexicanum results in no detectable heartbeat in situ. Alteration of the cardiac environment through organ culture results in rapid initiation of spontaneousExpand
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The Cardiac Lethal Mutant of Ambystoma mexicanum: A Re-examination
SYNOPSIS. Hearts of embryonic axolotls ( Ambystoma mexicanum ) homozygous for gene c do not beat in situ . Under appropriate culture conditions they rapidly commence beating, albeit less vigorouslyExpand
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RNA synthesis in whole cells and protoplasts of centaurea: a comparison.
Protoplasts enzymically isolated from suspension cultures of Centaurea cyanus L. incorporate radioactive precursors into RNA with kinetics similar to that of whole cells. There are differences,Expand
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Cytodifferentiation: a causal antecedent of looping?
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Myocardial filopodia during early heart development.
We have compared the surface architecture of embryonic chick heart myocardial cells in two different grooves to see if any regional differences in surface features could be related to the developingExpand
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Isolation of plant nuclei.