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PNP-Perthionitrit und PNP-Monothionitrit / PNP-Perthionitrite and PNP-M onothionitrite
Abstract As a major product from the reaction of PNP-nitrite [P = P(C6H5)3] with elementary sulfur or a PNP-polysulfide (PNP)2S12 in acetone under anaerobic conditions PNP-perthionitriteExpand
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PNP-Perthionitrit und PNP-Monothionitrit
Sulfur, Nitrite, Thionitrites, Nitrososulfides, Bis(triphenylphosphine)iminium Salts As a major product from the reaction of PNP-nitrite [P = P(C6H 5)3] with elementary sulfur o ra PNP-polysulfideExpand
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Theoretical considerations on the design of cylindrical flow cells utilizing optical fibres
Abstract The performance of microbore cylindrical flow cells featuring optical fibres depends on the geometry and materials of the components. The results of an algorithm which optimizes cellExpand
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Emission spectra of supersonically cooled chloroacetylene cations
Abstract The Ā2ΠΩ → X2ΠΩ, Ω = 3 2 , 1 2 emission spectra of rotationally cooled chloro- and deuterochloro-acetylene cations have been obtained by electron-impact ionisation of a seeded heliumExpand
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Ā2A1 → X̄2E emission of 1-phosphapropyne cation, CH3CP+
The Ā2A1 → X2E emission spectrum of CH3CP+ in the gas phase has been observed in the 530–590 nm region. The cations were produced by electron impact on either an effusive beam or seeded heliumExpand
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A reinvestigation of the CBr+ chemiluminescence in a helium afterglow
Abstract The emission spectrum produced from the flowing He afterglow reaction of CBr4 has been re-examined. The a3Πo▾ → X1Σ+ emission subsystem of CBr+ is identified in addition to the a 3Π1 → X1Σ+Expand
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The status of VTOL and STOL transport development
VSTOL and STOL transport development concerning aircraft types, air traffic control and navigation, airports, etc
Emission spectra of supersonically cooled dimethyldiacetylene cations
Abstract The Ā2E → X2E (Σ= + 1 2 , - 1 2 ) electronic transitions of rotationally/vibrationally cooled CH3CCCCH- cation, as well as the d1-/d3-/d4-substituted species, were studied by emissionExpand
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What is a reasonable cost of appropriate education?