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Asymptotic wavelet and Gabor analysis: Extraction of instantaneous frequencies
The behavior of the continuous wavelet and Gabor coefficients in the asymptotic limit using stationary phase approximations are investigated. In particular, it is shown how, under some additionalExpand
A real-time algorithm for signal analysis with the help of the wavelet transform
The purpose of this paper is to present a real-time algorithm for the analysis of time-varying signals with the help of the wavelet transform. We shall briefly describe this transformation in theExpand
Influence of syllabic lengthening on semantic processing in spoken French: behavioral and electrophysiological evidence.
The finding of larger N400 components to semantically incongruous than congruous words, in both the semantic and metric tasks, suggests that the N400 component reflects automatic aspects of semantic processing. Expand
Analysis of Sound Patterns through Wavelet transforms
The main features of so-called wavelet transforms are illustrated through simple mathematical examples and the first applications of the method to the recognition and visualisation of characteristic features of speech and of musical sounds are presented. Expand
Reading and Understanding Continuous Wavelet Transforms
One of the aims of wavelet transforms is to provide an easily interpretable visual representation of signals. This is a prerequisite for applications such as selective modifications of signals orExpand
Characterization of acoustic signals through continuous linear time-frequency representations
This work presents some techniques, mostly unpublished, based on time-frequency representations which make possible the estimation of relevant parameters such as frequency and amplitude modulation laws corresponding to each spectral component of the sound. Expand
The simulation of piano string vibration: from physical models to finite difference schemes and digital waveguides.
A model of transverse piano string vibration, second order in time, which models frequency-dependent loss and dispersion effects is presented here, and the waveguide model is extended to the case of several coupled strings. Expand
The Wavelet Transform for Analysis, Synthesis, and Processing of Speech and Music Sounds
The wavelet transform is a recent method of signal analysis and synthesis that analyzes signals in terms of wavelets-functions limited both in the time and the frequency domain in comparison to the classical Fourier analysis method. Expand
Do schizophrenia patients with low P50-suppression report more perceptual anomalies with the sensory gating inventory?
The finding that patients with low P50-suppression report more perceptual anomalies related to sensory gating offers support for conceptual models wherein abnormal neurophysiologic responses to repetitive stimuli give rise to clinically relevant perceptions of being inundated and overwhelmed by external sensory stimuli. Expand
A Class of Algorithms for Time-Frequency Multiplier Estimation
A new approach together with a corresponding class of algorithms for offline estimation of linear operators mapping input to output signals, i.e., linear and diagonal operator in a frame or Bessel representation of signals, characterized by a transfer function. Expand