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Retail Strategies on the Web: Price and Non-Price Competition in the Online Book Industry
Two conflicting predictions have emerged regarding the effect of low-cost information on price. The first states that all Internet retailers will charge the same low price for mass produced goods.Expand
Prices and Price Dispersion on the Web: Evidence from the Online Book Industry
Using data collected between August, 1999, and January, 2000, covering 399 books, we examine pricing by thirty-two online United States-based bookstores. At the aggregate level, we find that bothExpand
An Empirical Analysis of Network Externalities in Peer-to-Peer Music-Sharing Networks
We measure the impact of both positive and negative network externalities on the optimal size of P2P networks. Expand
Scheduling a Major College Basketball Conference
I am pleased to present this Focus Issue on Manufacturing Logistics. Unlike a special issue, where new papers are solicited that deal with a theme, this issue was created by pulling togetherExpand
A hybrid approach to supplier selection for the maintenance of a competitive supply chain
This article outlines a hybrid method, incorporating multiple techniques into an evaluation process, in order to select competitive suppliers in a supply chain. Expand
HYDRA: large-scale social identity linkage via heterogeneous behavior modeling
We study the problem of large-scale social identity linkage across different social platforms, which is of critical importance to business intelligence by gaining from social data a deeper understanding and more accurate profiling of users. Expand
Prices and Price Dispersion on the Web: Evidence from the Online Book Industry
Using data collected between August 1999 and January 2000 covering 399 books, including New York Times bestsellers, computer bestsellers, and random books, we examine pricing by thirty-two onlineExpand
Impact of Vulnerability Disclosure and Patch Availability - An Empirical Analysis
Vulnerability disclosure is an area of public policy that has been subject to considerable debate, particularly between proponents of full and instant disclosure, and those of limited or noExpand
Designing a Better Shopbot
A primary tool that consumers have for comparative shopping is the shopbot, which is short for shopping robot. Expand
An Efficient Simulation-Based Approach to Ambulance Fleet Allocation and Dynamic Redeployment
We present an efficient approach to ambulance fleet allocation and dynamic redeployment, where the goal is to position an entire fleet of ambulances to base locations to maximize the service level (or utility) of the EMS system. Expand