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Classification and evolution of EF-hand proteins
Forty-five distinct subfamilies of EF-hand proteins have been identified. They contain from two to eight EF-hands that are recognizable by amino acid sequence as being statistically similar to otherExpand
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Carp muscle calcium-binding protein. II. Structure determination and general description.
Abstract The structure of crystalline carp muscle calcium-binding protein (parvalbumin) has been determined by x-ray diffraction techniques to nominal 1.85-A resolution. Isomorphous and anomalousExpand
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Calcium-binding proteins.
  • R. Kretsinger
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Annual review of biochemistry
  • 1976
Calcium binding, which appears to be either specific or physiologically significant, has been reported for 70 norminally "different" proteins. First, I catalog these proteins. Only a few recent orExpand
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Interaction of calcium and calmodulin in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate.
Calmodulin has been purified to homogeneity using an improved procedure that allows rapid processing of several kilograms of bovine brain. A calcium-dependent change in the electrophoretic mobilityExpand
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Structure and evolution of calcium-modulated proteins.
  • R. Kretsinger
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • CRC critical reviews in biochemistry
  • 1980
This review suggests that the intracellular functions of calcium are best understood in terms of calcium's functioning as a second messenger. Further, when functioning as a second messenger, calciumExpand
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The EF-hand family of calcium-modulated proteins
The EF-hand homolog proteins bind calcium (Ca2+) with dissociation constants in the micromolar range and are modulated by stimulus-induced increases in cytosolic free Ca2+. We have grouped over 160Expand
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Restrained least squares refinement of native (calcium) and cadmium-substituted carp parvalbumin using X-ray crystallographic data at 1.6-A resolution.
Carp parvalbumin coordinates calcium through one carbonyl oxygen atom and the oxygen-containing side chains of 5 amino acid residues, or 4 residues and a water molecule, in a helix-loop-helixExpand
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Evolution of EF-hand calcium-modulated proteins. I. Relationships based on amino acid sequences
SummaryThe relationships among 153 EF-hand (calcium-modulated) proteins of known amino acid sequence were determined using the method of maximum parsimony. These proteins can be ordered into 12Expand
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Structural analysis of leucine-rich-repeat variants in proteins associated with human diseases
Abstract.A number of human diseases have been shown to be associated with mutation in the genes encoding leucine-rich-repeat (LRR)-containing proteins. They include 16 different LRR proteins.Expand
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Calcium coordination and the calmodulin fold: divergent versus convergent evolution.
  • R. Kretsinger
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative…
  • 1987
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