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A logic-based calculus of events
We outline an approach for reasoning about events and time within a logic programming framework. Expand
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The Semantics of Predicate Logic as a Programming Language
The operational and fixpoint semantics of predicate logic programs are defined, and the connections with the proof theory and model theory of logic are investigated. Expand
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An Abstract, Argumentation-Theoretic Approach to Default Reasoning
Abstract We present an abstract framework for default reasoning, which includes Theorist, default logic, logic programming, autoepistemic logic, non-monotonic modal logics, and certain instances of circumscription as special cases. Expand
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Logic for problem solving
This book investigates the application of logic to problem-solving and computer programming. Expand
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Predicate Logic as Programming Language
A stroller having side frame sections which are adapted to fold longitudinally and also laterally toward and away from one another, with a flexible seat and flexible seat back extending therebetween, and with preferably transparent side panels extending vertically from the seat back to the side sections of the frame, to retain a child between the side panels both in a downwardly retracted generally horizontal position of the seatback and in upper variously inclined positions thereof. Expand
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Abduction Compared with Negation by Failure
Horn clause logic programming can be extended to include abduction with integrity constraints. Expand
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The role of abduction in logic programming
This paper is a survey and critical overview of recent work on the extension of Logic Programming to perform Abductive Reasoning (Abductive Logic Programming). Expand
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The Iff Proof Procedure for Abductive Logic Programming
We present a proof procedure which combines reasoning with defined predicates together with reasoning with undefined, abducible, predicates. Expand
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Algorithm = logic + control
The notion that computation = controlled deduction was first proposed by Hayes [19] and more recently by Bibel [2] and Vaughn-Pratt [31]. Expand
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The British Nationality Act as a logic program
The formalization of legislation and the development of computer systems to assist with legal problem solving provide a rich domain for developing and testing artificial-intelligence technology. Expand
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