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The molecular weight and thermolability of Ilyanassa ribosomal RNA.
Abstract Ilyanassa 26-S ribosomal RNA was labile to heat, urea and Mg 2+ deprivation. When heated, four fragments of distinct size resulted, including two 18-S pieces and one to two 7-S pieces perExpand
An electrophoretic analysis of RNA synthesis in normal and lobeless Ilyanassa embryo.
It was shown that removal of the third polar lobe from the Ilyanassa egg at first cleavage did not produce any change in the proportion of several size classes of RNA transcribed during the first day od development, and the post-gastrular lobeless embryo did show a significant deviation from the normal pattern of RNA synthesis. Expand
Characterization of the ribosomal RNA precursor in Ilyanassa.
Abstract Ilyanassa embryos synthesized a high molecular weight, rapidly-labeled RNA species that, as time progressed, diminished in proportion to increasing amounts of nascent ribosomal RNA. WeExpand