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The determination of ecological status in shallow lakes - a tested system (ECOFRAME) for implementation of the European Water Framework Directive
1. The European Water Framework Directive requires the determination of ecological status in European fresh and saline waters. This is to be through the establishment of a typology of surface waterExpand
Accumulation of heavy metals in a lake ecosystem.
The concentrations of Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, Ni, Cd, Pb and Co have been determined in water, bottom sediments, plankton, zoobenthos and ichthyofauna of mesotropic Lake Piaseczno located in eastern Poland.Expand
Influence of Submerged Macrophytes on Trophic Interactions Among Fish and Macroinvertebrates
Lentic macroinvertebrates have received comparatively little interest from lake managers and researchers for two reasons. First, with few exceptions (e.g., the control of mosquitos, the provision ofExpand
The role of climate in shaping zooplankton communities of shallow lakes
We analyzed data from 81 shallow European lakes, which were sampled with standardized methods, for combined effects of climatic, physical, and chemical features of food-web interactions, with aExpand
Food preference of freshwater invertebrates: comparing fresh and decomposed angiosperm and a filamentous alga
Amongst aquatic macrophytes, the increase of their consumption and digestibility upon decomposition has hitherto been known only for vascular plants but not for filamentous algae. Expand
Factors controlling hydrochemical and trophic state variables in 86 shallow lakes in Europe
In order to disentangle the causes of variations in water chemistry among European shallow lakes, we performed standardised sampling programs in 86 lakes along a latitudinal gradient from southernExpand
Winter versus summer blooming of phytoplankton in a shallow lake: effect of hypertrophic conditions
The obtained results revealed that in the hypertrophic lake the very high nutrient concentrations (especially NH4-N and PO4-P), found both in winter and summer, were responsible for year-long mass development of phytoplankton. Expand
Trophic cascade structuring a plankton community in a strongly vegetated lake littoral
Vegetated lirroral habirars eonsrirure a mosaie o f horizontal and verrieal mierohabirars provided by emergent and submerged maerophyres, togerher with rheir epiphyrie eommuniries, and open parehesExpand
Subfossil Cladocera in relation to contemporary environmental variables in 54 Pan‐European lakes
P>1. Changes in cladoceran subfossils in the surface sediments of 54 shallow lakes were studied along a European latitude gradient (36-68 degrees N). Multivariate methods, such as regression treesExpand