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Mesopelagic zone ecology and biogeochemistry - a synthesis
The mesopelagic zone is the oceanic region through which carbon and other elements must pass in order to reach deeper waters or the sea floor. However, the food web interactions that occur in theExpand
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Assessing the apparent imbalance between geochemical and biochemical indicators of meso- and bathypelagic biological activity: What the @#! is wrong with present calculations of carbon budgets?
Metabolic activity in the water column below the euphotic zone is ultimately fuelled by the vertical flux of organic material from the surface. Over time, the deep ocean is presumably at steadyExpand
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Trophic relationships of zooplankton in the eastern Mediterranean based on stable isotope measurements
Abundance and stable isotope composition of large and small mesozooplankton were analyzed in samples taken with 333 and 100 μm nets, respectively, at four sites in the eastern Mediterranean down toExpand
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Mesozooplankton community respiration and its relation to particle flux in the oligotrophic eastern Mediterranean
[1] Organic carbon flux and zooplankton carbon consumption rates were measured in the deep water of the eastern Mediterranean. Standardized carbon consumption rates of zooplankton were higher thanExpand
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Full-depth zooplankton profiles over the deep bathyal of the NE Atlantic
Vertical profiles of zooplankton (size range less than 5 mm) were taken with a 1 m2 MOCNESS (333 pm mesh aperture) from the > 4000 m water column at 2 sites in the NE Atlantic. In the upper 1000 m,Expand
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Evidence of episodic changes in deep-sea mesozooplankton abundance and composition in the Levantine Sea (Eastern Mediterranean)
Mesozooplankton samples from the 4270-m deep Ierapetra Basin in the oligotrophic Levantine Sea have revealed a strong temporal variability in abundance and composition hitherto unknown for the deepExpand
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Distribution patterns of mesopelagic fishes with special reference to Vinciguerria lucetia Garman 1899 (Phosichthyidae: Pisces) in the Humboldt Current Region off Peru
The horizontal and vertical distributions of adult mesopelagic fishes are described from acoustic and trawl surveys over the full-depth of 500 m at 169 stations on a longitudinal transect crossingExpand
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Organic carbon losses measured by heterotrophic activity of mesozooplankton and CaCO3 flux in the bathypelagic zone of the Arabian Sea
Abstract Organic carbon requirements for metabolisms of mesozooplankton in the bathypelagic zone were calculated for two stations (Western Arabian Sea Sediment Trap, WAST, 16°N 60°E, and CentralExpand
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Bridging the gap between marine biogeochemical and fisheries sciences; configuring the zooplankton link
Exploring climate and anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems requires an understanding of how trophic components interact. However, integrative end-to-end ecosystem studies (experimental and/orExpand
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Spatial and temporal distribution patterns of deep-sea mesozooplankton in the eastern Mediterranean ? indications of a climatically induced shift?
Zooplankton samples from the eastern Mediterranean were collected in April/May 1999 with a multiple opening and closing net (mesh size 333 μm) to examine the distribution and taxonomic composition ofExpand
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