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Fractal Reaction Kinetics
Recently discovered theories of heterogeneous reaction kinetics have dramatic consequences, such as fractal orders for elementary reactions, self-ordering and self-unmixing of reactants, and rate coefficients with temporal "memories". Expand
Brain cancer diagnosis and therapy with nanoplatforms.
Recent advances in nanoparticle-based detection and therapy of brain cancer are described and the types of nanoparticle systems under investigation are described, as well as their applications. Expand
Rate processes on fractals: Theory, simulations, and experiments
Heterogeneous kinetics are shown to differ drastically from homogeneous kinetics. For the elementary reaction A + A → products we show that the diffusion-limited reaction rate is proportional tot−Expand
Vascular Targeted Nanoparticles for Imaging and Treatment of Brain Tumors
Treatment of glioma-bearing rats with targeted nanoparticles followed by PDT showed a significant improvement in survival rate when compared with animals who received PDT after administration of nontargeted nanoparticles or systemic Photofrin. Expand
"Nanosized voltmeter" enables cellular-wide electric field mapping.
The results indicate that the E fields from the mitochondrial membranes penetrate much deeper into the cytosol than previously estimated, indicating that, electrically, the cytoplasm cannot be described as a simple homogeneous solution, as often approximated, but should rather be thought of as a complex, heterogeneous hydrogel, with distinct microdomains. Expand
Targeted gold nanoparticles enable molecular CT imaging of cancer.
A targeted molecular imaging platform that enables, for the first time, cancer detection at the cellular and molecular level with standard clinical CT, based on gold nanoprobes that selectively and sensitively target tumor selective antigens while inducing distinct contrast in CT imaging. Expand
Visualization of vacuolar acidification-induced transcription of genes of pathogens inside macrophages.
Findings demonstrate the existence of at least three separate activators of phoP transcription: resting and IFNgamma-stimulated pH-sensitive components, plus a pH-independent component. Expand
Real-time measurements of dissolved oxygen inside live cells by organically modified silicate fluorescent nanosensors.
In vitro intracellular changes of dissolved oxygen due to cell respiration were monitored, with gene gun injected PEBBLEs, in rat C6 glioma cells, and results clearly show the validity of the delivery method for intrACEllular studies of PE BBLE sensors, as well as the high sensitivity, which is needed to achieve real-time measurements of intrace cellular dissolved oxygen concentration. Expand