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Contested Citizenship: Immigration and Cultural Diversity in Europe
From international press coverage of the French government’s attempt to prevent Muslims from wearing headscarves to terrorist attacks in Madrid and the United States, questions of cultural identity
New social movements in Western Europe. A comparative analysis
A cross-national comparison of the development, mobilization, and impact of new social movements in four Western European nations-France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland suggests that social change affects political mobilization indirectly through a restructuring of existing power relations.
Trade-Offs between Equality and Difference: Immigrant Integration, Multiculturalism and the Welfare State in Cross-National Perspective
This paper investigates how integration policies and welfare-state regimes have affected the socio-economic integration of immigrants, focusing on eight European countries: Germany, France, the
Movements and media: Selection processes and evolutionary dynamics in the public sphere
This article argues that the decisive part of the interaction between social movements and political authorities is no longer the direct, physical confrontation between them in concrete locations,
Citizenship Rights for Immigrants: National Political Processes and Cross-National Convergence in Western Europe, 1980–20081
Immigrant citizenship rights in the nation-state reference both theories of cross-national convergence and the resilience of national political processes. This article investigates European
Challenging the Liberal Nation‐State? Postnationalism, Multiculturalism, and the Collective Claims Making of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Britain and Germany1
As important aspects of purported tendencies toward globalization and pluralization, recent immigration waves and the resulting presence of culturally different ethnic minorities are often seen as
New social movements and political opportunities in Western Europe
We present a number of concepts and hypotheses concerning the impact of the political opportunity structure on the mobilisation pattern of new social movements in Western Europe. The hypotheses refer
Migrant mobilisation and political opportunities: variation among German cities and a comparison with the United Kingdom and the Netherlands
This paper offers a comparative, cross‐local and cross‐national analysis of the involvement of migrants and ethnic minorities in public debates and mobilisation (claims‐making) in their countries of
Political Claims Analysis: Integrating Protest Event and Political Discourse Approaches
†Starting from a critique of protest event and political discourse analysis, we propose an extended methodological approach that has the quantitative rigor of event analysis but also retrieves the
Discursive Opportunities and the Evolution of Right‐Wing Violence in Germany1
This article explores the link between violence and public discourse. It suggests that media attention to radical right violence and public reactions to violence affect the clustering of targets and