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Internet Recommendation Systems
Several online firms, including Yahoo!, Amazon.com, and Movie Critic, recommend documents and products to consumers. Typically, the recommendations are based on content and/or collaborative filteringExpand
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Heuristics for Product-Line Design Using Conjoint Analysis
Recently proposed methods for product-line selection use the total utilities of candidate items to construct product lines maximizing seller's return or buyers' welfare. For conjoint hybrid conjointExpand
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The Minimum Satisfiability Problem
This paper shows that a minimization version of satisfiability is strongly NP-hard, even if each clause contains no more than two literals and/or each clauses contains at most one unnegated variable. Expand
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A Conjoint Approach to Multipart Pricing
Multipart pricing is commonly used by service providers such as car rentals, prescription drug plans, health maintenance organizations, and wireless telephony. The general structure of these pricingExpand
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Representation and Inference of Lexicographic Preference Models and Their Variants
The authors propose two variants of lexicographic preference rules. They obtain the necessary and sufficient conditions under which a linear utility function represents a standard lexicographic rule,Expand
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Probabilistic Subset-Conjunctive Models for Heterogeneous Consumers
The authors propose two generalizations of conjunctive and disjunctive screening rules. First, they relax the requirement that an acceptable alternative must be satisfactory on one criterionExpand
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Optimal product design using conjoint analysis: Computational complexity and algorithms
Abstract The problem of maximizing the share of a new product introduced in a competitive market is shown to be NP-hard. A directed graph representation of the problem is used to constructExpand
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A Reservation-Price Model for Optimal Pricing of Multiattribute Products in Conjoint Analysis
A significant application of conjoint analysis is in pricing decisions for new products. Conceptually, profit maximization is an important criterion for selecting the price of a product. However, theExpand
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Extent and Impact of Incubation Time in New Product Diffusion
This article examines the time between product development and market launch, and its relation to the subsequent diffusion of consumer durables. We find that this “incubation time” is long. Further,Expand
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A Heuristic Approach to Product Design
A dynamic-programming heuristic is described to find approximate solutions to the problem of identifying a new, multi-attribute product profile associated with the highest share-of-choices in aExpand
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