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Patterns of Bat Fatalities at Wind Energy Facilities in North America
Abstract Wind has become one of the fastest growing sources of renewable energy worldwide, but widespread and often extensive fatalities of bats have increased concern regarding the impacts of windExpand
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Effects of prairie fragmentation on the nest success of breeding birds in the midcontinental United States
Grasslandfragmentation and habitat loss are hypothesized to be contributing to widespread grass- land bird declines in North America due to the adverse effects offragmentation on breeding birdExpand
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Area Sensitivity in North American Grassland Birds: Patterns and Processes
Grassland birds have declined more than other bird groups in North America in the past 35–40 years (Vickery and Herkert 2001, Sauer et al. 2008), prompting a wide variety of research aimed atExpand
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Direct and indirect responses of tallgrass prairie butterflies to prescribed burning
Fire is an important tool in the conservation and restoration of tallgrass prairie ecosystems. We investigated how both the vegetation composition and butterfly community of tallgrass prairieExpand
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Butterfly responses to prairie restoration through fire and grazing
The development of land for modern agriculture has resulted in losses of native prairie habitat. The small, isolated patches of prairie habitat that remain are threatened by fire suppression,Expand
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Habitat and landscape associations of breeding birds in native and restored grasslands
In the midwestern United States, less than 1% of the original tallgrass prairie ecosystem remains. State and federal agencies have responded to this habitat loss with programs and land acquisitionExpand
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Prairies and other North American grasslands, although highly fragmented, provide breeding habitat for a diverse array of species, including species of tremendous economic and ecological importance.Expand
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Critical Demographic Parameters for Declining Songbirds Breeding in Restored Grasslands
Abstract Land area occupied by tallgrass prairie has declined throughout the midcontinental United States during the past 2 centuries, and migratory birds breeding in these habitats have alsoExpand
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Bat Mortality and Activity at a Northern Iowa Wind Resource Area
Abstract We examined bat collision mortality, activity and species composition at an 89-turbine wind resource area in farmland of north-central Iowa from mid-Apr. to mid-Dec., 2003 and mid-Mar. toExpand
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Predator selection of prairie landscape features and its relation to duck nest success
Mammalian predation is a major cause of mortality for breeding waterfowl in the U.S. Northern Great Plains, and yet we know little about the selection of prairie habitats by predators or how thisExpand
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