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Consensus Nomenclature for in vivo Imaging of Reversibly Binding Radioligands
An international group of experts in pharmacokinetic modeling recommends a consensus nomenclature to describe in vivo molecular imaging of reversibly binding radioligands.
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Age Differences in the Frontal Lateralization of Verbal and Spatial Working Memory Revealed by PET
Age-related decline in working memory figures prominently in theories of cognitive aging. However, the effects of aging on the neural substrate of working memory are largely unknown. PositronExpand
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Dissociating verbal and spatial working memory using PET.
Three experiments used position emission tomography (PET) to study the neural basis of human working memory. These studies ask whether different neural circuits underly verbal and spatial memory. InExpand
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Verbal Working Memory Load Affects Regional Brain Activation as Measured by PET
We report an experiment that assesses the effect of variations in memory load on brain activations that mediate verbal working memory. The paradigm that forms the basis of this experiment is theExpand
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COMT val158met Genotype Affects µ-Opioid Neurotransmitter Responses to a Pain Stressor
Responses to pain and other stressors are regulated by interactions between multiple brain areas and neurochemical systems. We examined the influence of a common functional genetic polymorphismExpand
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Spatial working memory in humans as revealed by PET
THE concept of working memory is central to theories of human cognition because working memory is essential to such human skills as language comprehension and deductive reasoning1–4. Working memoryExpand
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Dissociation of Storage and Rehearsal in Verbal Working Memory: Evidence From Positron Emission Tomography
Current cognitive models of verbal working memory include two components a phonological store and a rehearsal mechanism that refreshes the contents of this store We present research using positronExpand
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Inhibition in verbal working memory revealed by brain activation.
There are many occasions in which humans and other animals must inhibit the production of some behavior or inhibit the processing of some internal representation. Success in inhibitory processingExpand
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Placebo Effects Mediated by Endogenous Opioid Activity on μ-Opioid Receptors
Reductions in pain ratings when administered a placebo with expected analgesic properties have been described and hypothesized to be mediated by the pain-suppressive endogenous opioid system. UsingExpand
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The Role of Parietal Cortex in Verbal Working Memory
Neuroimaging studies of normal subjects and studies of patients with focal lesions implicate regions of parietal cortex in verbal working memory (VWM), yet the precise role of parietal cortex in VWMExpand
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