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Business process management (BPM) standards: a survey
This paper seeks to make sense of the myriad BPM standards, organising them in a classification framework, and to identify key industry trends. Expand
A computer scientist's introductory guide to business process management (BPM)
  • R. Ko
  • Computer Science
  • ACM Crossroads
  • 1 June 2009
This guide has introduced to computer scientists and computer science students key terminologies and developments of the eBusiness field known as business process management. Expand
TrustCloud: A Framework for Accountability and Trust in Cloud Computing
This paper discusses key issues and challenges in achieving a trusted cloud through the use of detective controls, and presents the Trust Cloud framework, which addresses accountability in cloud computing via technical and policy-based approaches. Expand
Progger: An Efficient, Tamper-Evident Kernel-Space Logger for Cloud Data Provenance Tracking
  • R. Ko, M. Will
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE 7th International Conference on Cloud…
  • 27 June 2014
We present Progger, a kernel-space data activity logging tool which address prior provenance tools’ limitations by providing log tamper-evidence, prevention of fake or manual entries, an accurate timestamp synchronisation across several machines, efficient log space growth, and the accurate logging of root usage of the system. Expand
Flogger: A File-Centric Logger for Monitoring File Access and Transfers within Cloud Computing Environments
We present Flogger, a novel file-centric logger suitable for both private and public Cloud environments that records file accesses and transfer information from within the kernel spaces of both virtual machines (VMs) and physical machines (PMs) in the Cloud. Expand
S2Logger: End-to-End Data Tracking Mechanism for Cloud Data Provenance
The inability to effectively track data in cloud computing environments is becoming one of the top concerns for cloud stakeholders. Expand
Cloud computing vulnerability incidents: a statistical overview
In an attempt to ascertain Cloud Computing reliability, 11,491 news articles on cloud computing-related outages from 39 news sources between Jan 2008 and Feb 2012 – effectively covering the first five years of cloud computing. Expand
Security and Data Accountability in Distributed Systems: A Provenance Survey
In this paper, we survey provenance solutions which were proposed to address the problems of system security and data accountability in distributed systems in a distributed systems context. Expand
Formal Concept Discovery in Semantic Web Data
Semantic Web efforts aim to bring the WWW to a state in which all its content can be interpreted by machines. Expand
Towards Achieving Accountability, Auditability and Trust in Cloud Computing
The lack of confidence in entrusting sensitive information to cloud computing service providers (CSPs) is one of the primary obstacles to widespread adoption of cloud computing, as reported by a number of surveys. Expand