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Detailed calculation of lepton flavor violating muon-electron conversion rate for various nuclei
The coherent μ-e conversion rates in various nuclei are calculated for general lepton flavor violating interactions. We solve the Dirac equations numerically for the initial state muon and the finalExpand
Sweet spot supersymmetry
We find that there is no supersymmetric flavor/CP problem, {mu}-problem, cosmological moduli/gravitino problem or dimension four/five proton decay problem in a class of supersymmetric theories withExpand
Simplified Models for LHC New Physics Searches
This document proposes a collection of simplified models relevant to the design of new-physics searches at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the characterization of their results. Both ATLAS andExpand
Direct mediation of metastable supersymmetry breaking
The supersymmetric SU(NC) Yang-Mills theory coupled to NF matter fields in the fundamental representation has metastable vacua with broken supersymmetry when NC<NF<(3/2)NC. By gauging the flavorExpand
Gravitational Gauge Mediation
It is often the case that naive introduction of the messenger sector to supersymmetry breaking models causes the supersymmetry restoration. We discuss a possibility of stabilizing the supersymmetryExpand
From 3d dualities to hadron physics
When one of the space-time dimension is compactified on $S^1$, the QCD exhibits the chiral phase transition at some critical radius. When we further turn on a background $\theta$ term which dependsExpand
Vector mesons on the wall
A domain-wall configuration of the $\eta'$ meson bounded by a string (called a pancake or a Hall droplet) is recently proposed to describe the baryons with spin $N_c/2$. In order to understand itsExpand
Supersymmetry, Naturalness, and Signatures at the LHC
Weak scale supersymmetry is often said to be fine-tuned, especially if the matter content is minimal. This is not true if there is a large A term for the top squarks. We present a systematic study onExpand
The new Minimal Standard Model
We construct the New Minimal Standard Model that incorporates the new discoveries of physics beyond the Minimal Standard Model (MSM): Dark Energy, non-baryonic Dark Matter, neutrino masses, as wellExpand
On the model discriminating power of mu to e conversion in nuclei
Lepton Flavor Violating (LFV) charged lepton decays provide a highly sensitive probe of physics beyond the Standard Model (SM), due to the un-observably small branching fractions ({approx}10{supExpand