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Stress-reorientation of hydrides and hydride embrittlement of Zr-2.5 wt% Nb pressure tube alloy
Abstract Hydrogen in excess of the terminal solid solubility precipitates out as a brittle hydride phase in zirconium alloys. The hydrides acquire platelet shaped morphology due to theirExpand
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Flow behaviour of a modified Zr-2.5wt%Nb pressure tube alloy
Abstract Anisotropy in flow behavior of cold worked and stress-relieved Zr–2.5wt%Nb pressure tube alloy was characterized by performing tensile tests in the temperature range of 298–823 K and under aExpand
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A fluorescent peptide model for the thioredoxin active site
A synthetic model for the active site of the protein thioredoxin has been synthesized: corresponding to residues 31–35 of the protein and possessing the 14‒membered disulfide loop and a fluorescentExpand
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Induced Conformational Preferences in a Non-chiral β-Ala Residue: X-ray Diffraction, 1H NMR, FT-IR and CD Studies of Boc-β-Ala-D-Ala-NHCH3 and Boc-β-Ala-L-Ala-NHCH3
Abstract In order to demonstrate the conformational features that can be induced by a chiral residue in a β-Ala moiety, X-ray diffraction structure of Boc-β-Ala-D-Ala-NHCH 3 1 have been determinedExpand
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Design, Expression, and Structural Characterization of Hybrid Proteins of Samia cynthia ricini and Bombyx mori Silk Fibroins
Genetically engineering strategies have been applied to obtain the designed proteins [GGAGSGYGGGYGHGYGSDGG(GAGAGS)3]n of varying chain lengths (n=2, 4 or 6); SLP2, SLP4, and SLP6, respectively. TheExpand
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Determination of a novel impurity by LC-MASS and chromatographic separation of bimatoprost, isomers and their impurities by UPLC
A Novel method and determination of a Novel impurity (methyl ester) in Bimatoprost by LC-MS and chromatographic separation by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC). It is used to treat drugExpand
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Radiolabeled microorganisms: comparison of different radioisotopic labels.
  • R. Kishore
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  • Reviews of infectious diseases
  • 1 November 1981
Radioactively labeled microorganisms are very useful in assessing the in vitro phagocytic capability of human granulocytes and macrophages. Since microorganisms contain amino acids and nucleic acids,Expand
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Novel growth morphologies of nano- and micro-structured cadmium oxide
Powder particles of various morphologies and dimensions of CdO via metal – catalyst free – vapor phase were grown using a simple thermal evaporation technique under atmospheric pressure at theExpand
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Delayed hydride cracking in Zr–2.5Nb pressure tube material☆
Abstract Delayed hydride cracking (DHC) is one of the localized forms of hydride embrittlement caused by hydrogen migration up the tensile stress gradient. In this work, DHC velocity was measuredExpand
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