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An infrared study of the shallow acceptor states in GaAs
The shallow acceptor states in gallium arsenide have been studied by far-infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy. The energy level structure observed in photoconductivity is compared with theExpand
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Infrared studies of the acceptor states in epitaxial films of GaAs
The far-infrared extrinsic photoconductivity of p-GaAs is investigated at frequencies up to 500 cm-1. Sharp lines corresponding to impurity transitions between bound hole states are observed betweenExpand
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The characterisation of the donors in GaAs epitaxial films by far-infrared photoconductive techniques
The high sensitivity of photoconductive techniques is exploited to study the central cell structure on the extrinsic donor spectra of pure n-type epitaxial films of GaAs. Experiments with back-dopedExpand
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Far-infrared phonon combination bands in InP
Abstract Far-infrared phonon combination bands are studied in p-InP at 4K. The 2TA(X) combination is of particular interest as providing an electronic energy relaxation mechanism and the value ofExpand
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Spectroscopic evidence for the interaction between shallow hydrogenic donors in GaAs, InP and CdTe
Spectroscopic studies of the shallow donor impurities in compensated samples of n-GaAs, InP and CdTe are made using the technique of photothermal excitation of photoconductivity. In addition to theExpand
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Energy Demand Sensitivities
An understanding of the relationship between the economy, energy demand, energy prices, and conservation is central to the Central Planning Units strategic planning of the National Coal Board. Up toExpand
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The ethics of metropolitan growth: A framework
Although debates about the shape and future of the built environment are usually cast in economic and political terms, they also have an irreducible ethical component that stands in need of carefulExpand
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