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Stellar Structure and Evolution
This book introduces the theory of the internal structure of stars and their evolution in time. It presents the basic physics of stellar interiors, methods for solving the underlying equations, and
Lecture Notes on Physics
THE author says in his preface that the book “may be supposed to represent the notes, somewhat expanded, which the teacher would desire the class to take down and learn.” If so, the “notes”before us
A Simple Method for the Solution of the Stellar Structure Equations Including Rotation and Tidal Forces
In the following a method is presented for computing the internal structure of nonspherical stars assuming that the force per gram causing the deviation from spherical symmetry is conservative. The
Circulation and Mixing
In the preceding lecture Dr Arnett has shown us how exciting the inner life of a star can be when during late stages of evolution higher nuclear reactions take place. But in order to enjoy the
Physical processes in comets, stars, and active galaxies : proceedings of a workshop, held at Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee, May 26-27, 1986
I The Physics of Comets.- Comet Explorations. (With 7 Figures).- Spatial Distribution of Constituents in the Coma of Comet Halley, an Observing Programme at the ESO 1-m Telescope (With 6 Figures).-