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Web-based public participation geographical information systems: an aid to local environmental decision-making
Current research examining the potential of the World-Wide Web as a means of increasing public participation in local environmental decision making in the UK is discussed. The paper considersExpand
Public Participation, GIS, and Cyberdemocracy: Evaluating on-Line Spatial Decision Support Systems
Two case studies in developing web-based public participation GIS (PPGIS), one local and one regional, are described in detail and conclusions are drawn about principles of on-line PPGIS and problems associated with public participation, user interaction, and familiarity with IT, copyright issues, access to the Internet, and relevant political structures. Expand
Public Participation in Local Policy Decision-making: The Role of Web-based Mapping
Abstract New methods of using on-line interactive mapping are reported with a specific focus on how citizens can participate in the delivery and management of everyday services in theirExpand
Smart Cities and Green Growth: Outsourcing Democratic and Environmental Resilience to the Global Technology Sector
Climate change and advances in urban technology propel forward the ‘smart city’. As decision makers strive to find a technological fix, smart city strategies are often based on technologicalExpand
The role of e-government and public participation in the planning process
The current UK Government have made a commitment to provide 100% of their services on-line by 2005 through ambitious plans to use Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to deliver a wholeExpand
Web-based PPGIS in the United Kingdom
Participatory geographic information systems and public engagement within flood risk management.
In this paper we review the emerging lessons from a recent initiative on utilising Public Participatory Geographic Information Systems within Shoreline Management Planning to help unpack theExpand
Democratic input into the nuclear waste disposal problem: The influence of geographical data on decision making examined through a Web-based GIS
Tests for revealing whether users of an online decision support system are responding to geographical data and whether they are influenced by their home location (Not in My Back Yard – style behavior) are presented. Expand
Public Participation GIS
Accessing Geographical Information Systems over the World Wide Webc Improving public participation in environmental decision-making
This paper describes work carried out as part of the Economic and Social Research Council’s Virtual Societyq Research Programme and presents some initial developments in the field of spatial decisionExpand