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A BCool survey of the magnetic fields of planet-hosting solar-type stars
We present a spectropolarimetric snapshot survey of solar-type planet hosting stars. In addition to 14 planet-hosting stars observed as part of the BCool magnetic snapshot survey, we obtainedExpand
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Specter and horizon: Critique in ethnographies of North American Christianity
With reference to two different projects examining North American Christianities, this symposium contribution explores opportunities for critique when conducting fieldwork. Drawing from observationsExpand
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The New Heretics: Popular Theology, Progressive Christianity and Protestant Language Ideologies
This dissertation investigates the development of progressive Christianity. It explores the ways in which progressive Christian churches in Canada adopt biblical criticism and popular theology.Expand
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On a balanced critique: (or on the limits of critique)
Despite emphasizing in previous editorials that critique means to discern both the positive and the negative based on sets of values, we have nevertheless received some manuscripts whose primary aimExpand
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Coffee with McCutcheon: A Conversation about Language, Pedagogy and Critical Pluralism
Russell McCutcheon has had monumental effect on the theoretical and methodological study of religion. His works have since shaped a generation of scholars interested in the craft of being a scholarExpand
How can mainstream approaches become more critical?
Since our launch, we have received a number of submissions that follow what we consider to be ‘‘mainstream’’ approaches in the study of religion. We think that all of these approaches have theExpand
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An Alpern tower independent of a given partition
Given a measure-preserving transformation $T$ of a probability space $(X, \mathcal B, \mu)$ and a finite measurable partition $P$ of $X$, we show how to construct an Alpern tower of any height whoseExpand
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