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Trade Study of Excavation Tools and Equipment for Lunar Outpost Development and ISRU
The NASA Lunar Architecture Team (LAT) has developed a candidate architecture to establish a lunar outpost that includes in‐situ resource utilization (ISRU). Outpost development requires excavation
Manufacturing Cell Design: An Integer Programming Model Employing Genetics
An integer program is presented that is solved using a genetic algorithm (GA) to assist in the design of cellular manufacturing systems by allowing a variety of evaluation functions to be employed and by incorporating design constraints during cell formation.
Abortion and Infanticide
  • R. King
  • Law
    Latin American Studies
  • 2014
The history of infanticide and abortion in Latin America has garnered increasing attention in the past two decades. Particularities of topic and temporal focus characterize this work and shape this
The Concept of the Person
  • R. King
  • Philosophy
    The Journal of Religion
  • 1 January 1966
HRISTIAN theology may be understood as the Christian's attempt to speak with special clarity and faithfulness of what he believes. By this definition, theology would be distinguished from expression
Changes in mechanisms of summer detritus processing between wooded and agricultural sites in a Michigan headwater stream
The mechanisms of leaf decay, leaf-associated macroinvertebrate community structure, leaf-associated microbial activity and physicochemical stream characteristics were investigated on a mid-Michigan
Colonization of wood substrates by the aquatic xylophage Xylotopus par (Diptera: Chironomidae) and a description of its life history
Xylotopus par populations were monitored in a central Michigan stream during the summer growth period by sampling two types of indigenous logs and four types of introduced wood block "baits" and a positive relationship of the parameters with substrate softness was observed.
Morphology and Ecology of Urnatella gracilis Leidy, (Entoprocta), a Freshwater Macroinvertebrate from Artificial Riffles of the Tombigbee River, Mississippi
Urnatella gracilis was found to be a significant early colonizer of new substrata and an important member of the macroinvertebrate community.
Design of a Gravel Bar Habitat for the Tombigbee River Near Columbus, Mississippi.
Abstract : A gravel habitat consisting of four gravel bars separated by pools was designed for possible placement in a river bendway at river mile 232.9 on the Tombigbee River below Columbus Lake