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Energy and nutrient recovery for municipal wastewater treatment: How to design a feasible plant layout?
Activated sludge systems are commonly used for robust and efficient treatment of municipal wastewater. However, these systems cannot achieve their maximum potential to recover valuable resources fromExpand
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The effect of harvesting on biomass production and nutrient removal in phototrophic biofilm reactors for effluent polishing
An increasing number of wastewater treatment plants require post-treatment to remove residual nitrogen and phosphorus. This study investigated various harvesting regimes that would achieve consistentExpand
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Production of volatile fatty acids from sewage organic matter by combined bioflocculation and alkaline fermentation.
This study explored the potential of volatile fatty acids (VFA) production from sewage by a combined high-loaded membrane bioreactor and sequencing batch fermenter. VFA production was optimized withExpand
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Volatile fatty acids production from sewage organic matter by combined bioflocculation and anaerobic fermentation.
This work aims at exploring the feasibility of a combined process bioflocculation to concentrate sewage organic matter and anaerobic fermentation to produce volatile fatty acids (VFA).Expand
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Glocal assessment of integrated wastewater treatment and recovery concepts using partial nitritation/Anammox and microalgae for environmental impacts.
This study explored the feasibility and estimated the environmental impacts of two novel wastewater treatment configurations. Both include combined bioflocculation and anaerobic digestion but applyExpand
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New wastewater treatment concepts towards energy saving and resource recovery
At present, conventional activated sludge (CAS) systems are widely applied to treat municipal wastewater. The main advantages of CAS systems are that they are robust and generally produce an effluentExpand
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Exploring the Feasibility of a Novel Municipal Wastewater Treatment System via Dynamic Plant-Wide Simulation
A plant-wide simulation study is presented in which we investigated the feasibility of a novel centralized municipal wastewater treatment system design as previously proposed by Khiewwijit et al.Expand
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