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Dissociating hippocampal subregions: A double dissociation between dentate gyrus and CA1
It is suggested that the dentate gyrus (DG) supports spatial pattern separation, whereas CA1 supports temporal pattern separation.
Involvement of the Prelimbic–Infralimbic Areas of the Rodent Prefrontal Cortex in Behavioral Flexibility for Place and Response Learning
Overall, the results suggest that the prelimbic–infralimbic areas are important for behavioral flexibility involving cross-modal but not intramodal shifts.
The role of hippocampal subregions in detecting spatial novelty.
The results suggest that the DG-CA3 network is essential in detecting novelty for spatial, but not for individual object, information.
A behavioral analysis of dentate gyrus function.
  • R. Kesner
  • Psychology, Biology
    Progress in brain research
  • 2007
An analysis of rat prefrontal cortex in mediating executive function
A Behavioral Assessment of Hippocampal Function Based on a Subregional Analysis
Whether specific subregions (dentate gyrus, CA3, and CA1) of the hippocampus provide unique contributions to specific processes associated with intrinsic information processing exemplified by novelty detection, encoding, pattern separation, pattern association, pattern completion, retrieval, short-term memory and intermediate- term memory is determined.
Role of the dorsomedial striatum in behavioral flexibility for response and visual cue discrimination learning.
Findings contrast with findings indicating that prelimbic inactivation impairs behavioral flexibility due to perseveration of a previously learned strategy, but each region may contribute to distinct processes that facilitate strategy switching.
The role of the dentate gyrus, CA3a,b, and CA3c for detecting spatial and environmental novelty
It is suggested that the dentate gyrus (DG) is critical for spatial information processing and CA3 is a heterogeneous structure, with CA3c lesioned animals showing greater spatial processing deficits than CA3a,bLesioned animals.