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A neuronal learning rule for sub-millisecond temporal coding
A PARADOX that exists in auditory and electrosensory neural systems1,2 is that they encode behaviourally relevant signals in the range of a few microseconds with neurons that are at least one orderExpand
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Hebbian learning and spiking neurons
A correlation-based ~‘‘Hebbian’’ ! learning rule at a spike level with millisecond resolution is formulated, mathematically analyzed, and compared with learning in a firing-rate description. TheExpand
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Cross-Frequency Phase–Phase Coupling between Theta and Gamma Oscillations in the Hippocampus
Neuronal oscillations allow for temporal segmentation of neuronal spikes. Interdependent oscillators can integrate multiple layers of information. We examined phase–phase coupling of theta and gammaExpand
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Coherent Phasic Excitation during Hippocampal Ripples
High-frequency hippocampal network oscillations, or "ripples," are thought to be involved in episodic memory. According to current theories, memory traces are represented by assemblies of principalExpand
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Intrinsic Stabilization of Output Rates by Spike-Based Hebbian Learning
We study analytically a model of long-term synaptic plasticity where synaptic changes are triggered by presynaptic spikes, postsynaptic spikes, and the time differences between presynaptic andExpand
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Course of hearing loss and occurrence of tinnitus
Chronic tinnitus is often accompanied by a hearing impairment, but it is still unknown whether hearing loss can actually cause tinnitus. The association between the pitch of the tinnitus sensationExpand
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Extracting Oscillations: Neuronal Coincidence Detection with Noisy Periodic Spike Input
How does a neuron vary its mean output firing rate if the input changes from random to oscillatory coherent but noisy activity? What are the critical parameters of the neuronal dynamics and inputExpand
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Sparseness constrains the prolongation of memory lifetime via synaptic metaplasticity.
Synaptic changes impair previously acquired memory traces. The smaller this impairment the larger is the longevity of memories. Two strategies have been suggested to keep memories from beingExpand
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Predicting tinnitus pitch from patients' audiograms with a computational model for the development of neuronal hyperactivity.
Tinnitus is often related to hearing loss, but how hearing loss could lead to tinnitus has remained unclear. Animal studies show that the occurrence of tinnitus is correlated to increased spontaneousExpand
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Quantifying circular–linear associations: Hippocampal phase precession
When a rat crosses the place field of a hippocampal pyramidal cell, this cell typically fires a series of spikes. Spike phases, measured with respect to theta oscillations of the local fieldExpand
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