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Regime shifts to sustainability through processes of niche formation : the approach of strategic niche management
The unsustainability of the present trajctories of technical change in sectors such as transport and agriculture is widely recognized. It is far from clear, however, how a transition to moreExpand
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More evolution than revolution: transition management in public policy
Transitions are transformation processes in which society changes in a fundamental way over a generation or more. Although the goals of a transition are ultimately chosen by society, governments canExpand
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Experimenting for Sustainable Transport: The Approach of Strategic Niche Management
Technological change is a central feature of modern societies and a powerful source for social change. There is an urgent task to direct these new technologies towards sustainability, but societyExpand
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Transition management as a model for managing processes of co-evolution towards sustainable development
Sustainable development requires changes in socio-technical systems and wider societal change – in beliefs, values and governance that co-evolve with technology changes. In this article we present aExpand
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Technological change
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Governance for sustainable development: moving from theory to practice
In this paper we examine and elaborate on the central elements of sustainable development and governance, considering their interrelations as they have emerged from the core themes in sustainableExpand
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Transition Management: A Reflexive Governance Approach
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Reflexive governance for sustainable development
This book deals with the issue of sustainable development in a novel and innovative way. It examines the governance implications of reflexive modernisation – the condition that societal developmentExpand
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Managing the Transition to Sustainable Mobility
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Environmental policy and technical change
Environmental Policy and Technical Change assesses the impact of environmental policy on technical change in cleaner technology. It focuses in particular on the possibility of inducing radical changeExpand
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