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The high-temperature drying of softwood boards: a kiln-wide model
Characteristic drying curves are normally determined from laboratory experimental data to specify the drying behaviour in a commercial-scale dryer. By contrast in this paper, we obtain the drying
Use of Hi-low Kiln Strategies to Reduce Costs of Drying Timber
One method which has been proposed to minimise energy usage in the kiln drying of timber is the reduction of the airflow through a kiln after the wood has reached the fibre saturation point. The
The Modelling of Non-steady State Vapour Flow in Pinus Radiata D.Don
A model of non-steady state vapour flow in Pinus radiata D. Don has been developed by coupling Darcy's equation and the vapour phase continuity equation. The model, verified by experimentation,
An Outline of a Novel Strategy for Environmental Risk Assessment of Process Plants
The paper outlines the current work on an Environmental Risk Assessment strategy for process industries. The strategy is demonstrated by considering a notional pulp mill modelled using the GEMS
A decade of developments in drying
The Relative Hazards of Dispensing Petrol and Automotive LPG at Service Stations
Accidents in the dispensing of petrol at retail service stations have been infrequent compared with the number of operations. The recent introduction of LPG as an alternative automotive fuel has
An Innovative Method for Estimating the Reaction Rate for the Hydrolysis of Trimethyl Borate
In the vapour boron treatment of timber, trimethyl borate reacts with water vapour and residual adsorbed water to form boric acid, which acts as a preservative. In modelling this timber preservation
Moisture Profiles in 'Nothofagus' Truncate Heartwood During Air Drying
New Zealand Hard Beech (Nothofagus truncata) is a hardwood with potentially high quality end uses. The timber is fine-grained, impervious and difficult to dry. This paper examines typical moisture
Community Response to Projects Involving Risk
A postal survey of householder and professional engineering opinion was undertaken to determine public perception of risks of bringing LPG in bulk to a storage depot in the Christchurch area. The
Recent developments in strategies for the control of driers
In this paper, two strategies for controlling the outlet moisture content of dried goods are outlined for the case when normal on-line moisture-sensing methods fail. One technique employs the control