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Decisions with Multiple Objectives: Preferences and Value Trade-Offs
This book describes how a confused decision maker, who wishes to make a reasonable and responsible choice among alternatives, can systematically probe his true feelings in order to make those critically important, vexing trade-offs between incommensurable objectives. Expand
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Decisions with multiple objectives: preferences and value tradeoffs
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Value-Focused Thinking: A Path to Creative Decisionmaking
PART 1: Concepts 1. Thinking about Values 1.1 Value-Focused Thinking 1.2 Creating Alternatives 1.3 Identifying Decision Opportunities 1.4 Thinking about Values 1.5 The Uses of Value-Focused ThinkingExpand
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Decisions with Multiple Objectives
Many of the complex problems faced by decision makers involve multiple conflicting objectives. This book describes how a confused decision maker, who wishes to make a reasonable and responsibleExpand
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The Value of Internet Commerce to the Customer
Internet commerce has the potential to offer customers a better deal compared to purchases by conventional methods in many situations. To make this potential a reality, businesses must focus on theExpand
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Smart Choices: A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions
In Smart Choices, John Hammond, Ralph Keeney, and Howard Raiffa--experts with over 100 years of experience resolving complex decision problems--offer a proven, straightforward, and flexible roadmap for making better and more impactful decisions, and offer the tools to achieve your goals in every aspect of your life. Expand
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Value-focused thinking: Identifying decision opportunities and creating alternatives
Conventional approaches to decisionmaking focus on alternatives. However, alternatives are relevant only because they are means to achieve values. Therefore, thinking about decision situations shouldExpand
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Decisions with Mul - tiple Objectives: Preferences and Value Tradeo?s
A picture frame for receiving a picture thereon. The picture held in place on the frame by an envelope mounted on the back of the frame. The envelope preventing the picture from coming into contactExpand
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Decision analysis: an overview.
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  • 1982
This article, written for the nondecision analyst, describes what decision analysis is, what it can and cannot do, why one should care to do this, and how one does it. To accomplish these purposes,Expand
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A Market Share Theorem
Many marketing models use variants of the relationship: Market share equals marketing effort divided by total marketing effort. Replacing marketing effort with its resulting “attraction,” theExpand
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