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Aleutian magnesian andesites: Melts from subducted Pacific ocean crust
Abstract Several diagnostic chemical characteristics of an uncommon Aleutian magma type support a proposed origin that involves a small amount of partial melting of subducted Pacific ocean crustExpand
Delamination and delamination magmatism
Abstract Lithospheric delamination is the foundering of dense lithosphere into less dense asthenosphere. The causes for this density inversion are thermal, compositional, and due to phase changes.Expand
Magnesian andesite in the western Aleutian Komandorsky region: Implications for slab melting and processes in the mantle wedge
The role of the subducting lithospheric slab in the genesis of mantle-derived (primitive) magmas is investigated through a study of volcanic rocks formed in the tectonically strike-slip–dominatedExpand
Continental lower crust
Preface. List of Contributors. Symbols. 1. The Seismic Velocity Structure of the Deep Continental Crust (W.S. Holbrook, W.D. Mooney and N.I. Christensen). Wide-angle seismic data. Middle- andExpand
Creation and destruction of lower continental crust
ZusammenfassungDie Gesamtzusammenfassung der Kontinentalen Kruste resultiert aus dem Massenaustausch zwischen Kruste und Mantel. Krustenzuwachs erfolgt hauptsächlich beim Aufstieg in und durch dieExpand
Volcanic Arc Magmas: Implications of a Melting-Mixing Model for Element Recycling in the Crust-Upper Mantle System
  • R. Kay
  • Geology
  • The Journal of Geology
  • 1 September 1980
A multicomponent melting-mixing model for the origin of volcanic arc basalt magmas implies signifi cant recycling of K, Rb, Ba, and other elements in the crust-upper mantel system. The model accountsExpand
The Rare Earth Content and Origin of Alkali-Rich Basalts
The rare earth content of alkali-rich, silica-undersaturated basalts erupted onto oceanic and continental plates is consistent with their derivation by slight amounts of partial melting of hydrousExpand
Platinum-group element abundance and distribution in chromite deposits of the Acoje Block, Zambales Ophiolite Complex, Philippines
Platinum-group elements (PGE) occur in ore-grade concentration in some of the chromite deposits related to the ultramafic section of the Acoje Block of the Zambales Ophiolite Complex. The depositsExpand