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A probabilistic atlas and reference system for the human brain: International Consortium for Brain Mapping (ICBM).
The ability to quantify the variance of the human brain as a function of age in a large population of subjects for whom data is also available about their genetic composition and behaviour will allow for the first assessment of cerebral genotype-phenotype-behavioural correlations in humans to take place in a population this large. Expand
Thinking of the future and past: the roles of the frontal pole and the medial temporal lobes
The present results suggest that thinking of the future is closely related to retrospective memory, but that specific areas in the frontal pole and the medial temporal lobes are more involved with thinking ofThe future than that of the past. Expand
Training of Working Memory Impacts Structural Connectivity
Results showed training-induced plasticity in regions that are thought to be critical in working memory, including regions adjacent to the intraparietal sulcus and the anterior part of the body of the corpus callosum after training. Expand
Relationship Between Body Mass Index and Gray Matter Volume in 1,428 Healthy Individuals
Objective: To investigate any correlation between BMI and brain gray matter volume, we analyzed 1,428 healthy Japanese subjects by applying volumetric analysis and voxel‐based morphometry (VBM) usingExpand
Shape and roughness activate different somatosensory areas in the human brain.
These findings demonstrate a separation in functional contributions of lateral parietal opercular cortex and IPA, and indicate different cortical processing streams for the somatosensory submodalities microgeometry and macrogeometry. Expand
Functional anatomy of GO/NO-GO discrimination and response selection — a PET study in man
The results indicate that the prefrontal cortex of the right hemisphere may be a key structure to make a decision not to move in the GO/NO-GO decision. Expand
A state-space model of the hemodynamic approach: nonlinear filtering of BOLD signals
It is concluded that in spite of the utility of the standard discrete convolution approach used in statistical parametric maps (SPM), nonlinear BOLD phenomena and unspecific input temporal sequences must be included in the fMRI analysis. Expand
Participation of the prefrontal cortices in prospective memory: evidence from a PET study in humans
Functional neuroanatomy of prospective memory is provided for the first time and several localized brain activations in relation to a prospective memory task required to retain and remember a planned action while performing an ongoing routine activity are found. Expand
The human amygdala plays an important role in gaze monitoring. A PET study.
Results confirm that the left amygdala plays a general role in the interpretation of eye gaze direction, and that the activity of the right amygdala of the subject increases when another individual's gaze is directed towards him, which suggests that the human amygdala play a role in reading social signals from the face. Expand
Application of Information Technology: A Four-Dimensional Probabilistic Atlas of the Human Brain
The authors describe the development of a four-dimensional atlas and reference system that includes both macroscopic and microscopic information on structure and function of the human brain in persons between the ages of 18 and 90 years and should have important implications in basic neuroscience, clinical diagnostics, and cerebral disorders. Expand