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Josephson D/A converter with fundamental accuracy
A binary sequence of series arrays of shunted Josephson junctions is used to make a 14-b D/A converter. With 13 bias lines, any step number in the range -8192 to +8192 -1.2 V to +1.2 V can be
Picosecond pulses on superconducting striplines
The attenuation and phase velocity of a superconducting thin‐film stripline are calculated at high frequencies using the theory of Mattis and Bardeen. These results are used to study the propagation
Microwave‐induced constant‐voltage steps at one volt from a series array of Josephson junctions
It is demonstrated that a series array of 1474 Josephson junctions can produce quantized voltages up to 1.2 V when driven by microwaves at 90 GHz in the absence of a dc bias. This result brings
Noise, chaos, and the Josephson voltage standard
The design of zero-bias Josephson voltage standards is presented as a case study in nonlinear dynamics. Based on superconducting tunnel junctions, such standards rely on nonlinearity to create a
Noise in the Coulomb blockade electrometer
We have measured the noise of a Coulomb blockade electrometer. Below 100 Hz, the noise referred to the input charge has a 1/f power spectrum with a charge noise of 3×10−4 e/√Hz and an energy
The ac Josephson effect in hysteretic junctions: Range and stability of phase lock
The rf‐induced constant voltage steps generated by the ac Josephson effect are studied within the context of the Stewart‐McCumber model. Simulations are used to determine the range of current bias
Low-frequency phase locking in high-inductance superconducting nanowires
Niobium nitride nanowires show considerable promise as high-speed single-photon detectors. We report the observation of an anomalous low-frequency (∼10MHz) response in long, superconducting NbN
Voltage gain in the single‐electron transistor
We report the first observation of voltage gain in the capacitively coupled single‐electron transistor (SET). Using parallel‐plate and interdigital geometries for the gate capacitor (Cg=1.2 and 0.4